The plants used with Kalyxa Essential Nutrients produced plants that were more constant, bushier, bigger, had better overall structure with estimated yields 15% greater than the competition.

Kevin Wray, Master Grower at Circle of Growth
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Circle of Growth is an independent organization comprised of Master Growers and experts in the field of cannabis. They provide education and support to the grower community.
They conducted an independent study testing Kalyxa Essential Nutriments against the National leading competitor using the same grow conditions.

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First of all, I am very satisfied with the Kalyxa Essential Nutrients fertilizer, this fertilizer program has matched and even exceeded Cyco's performance with only 3 products to mix.

The harvest gave a total of 748g with 9 plants in a 4x4 tent with 440w LEDs.

To give examples between Kalyxa and Cyco, CB Dutch Treat released the same amount as my previous production with Cyco. The structure is very similar and the terpenes are present. The Gelato with Kalyxa gave 91g versus 76 and 68g with Cyco, more beautiful and dense casseroles with Kalyxa.

The 3 Do-Si-Dos plants performed very well with a total harvest of 292g. Terpenes are amazing despite the recent cure process.

Guillaume Constantin, Horticulturist​